Israeli M&A type transactions
OBV Investment Banking activity is Primarily engaged in initiating Merger and Acquisition (M&A’s) transactions in Industry, Technology, Commerce and services – in Israel.

The principal components of our services are :

1. To discretely Identify Merger or Acquisition targets/acquirers - upon the guidance & parameters set in advance by our clients .

2. Seek our client’s consent to proposed specific candidates.

3. If consent granted - present the highlights of the transaction to the relevant (proposed) party.

4. If initial common interest is expressed by the parties - we will facilitate , coordinate and promote the dialogue between the parties - In order to reach an agreed transaction

Our fee for the above services is based on success basisonly , conventionally calculated according to a percentage of the value of the transaction - as expressly agreed in writingin advance

If agreed on other services - their fees will be separately agreed