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Orange Blossom Ventures Ltd. (OBV) specializes in helping young Israeli technology and life sciences companies, find equity finance - from quality funding sources.

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The bar for raising funds is high, and OBV chooses its start-up clients selectively. We maintain strong relationships with leading venture capitalists in Israel & abroad. We foster those relationships by referring them companies of a consistent high quality that match their funding criteria.

Our purpose is simple - to fit great companies with great venture capital sources.

OBV’s clients all feature new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models are pre-screened to address the “common sense” criteria of value, strong management,proof of concept, market potential, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential to achieve an exit for investors witihin reasonable time.

Most young companies vastly underestimate the time commitment necessary to successfully complete a financing round. In actuality, a company seeking financing needs to budget between 500 to 1000 work-hours to the capital-raising process, spread out over a 6-9 months time period.

By acting as a constructive intermediary ,OBV cuts costs dramatically, eases the entrepreneur’s quest for capital & shortens the funding process.

OBV’s founders know very well that investors are generally swamped with "opportunities". OBV’s initial screening process, made by its esteemed experts, coupled with OBV’s relevant introduction, acts magically to move an investment opportunity to the front of the line and to make sure the proposal gets serious consideration.

OBV has ongoing business relationships with diverse local and foreign funding sources(VC’s, Investment Banks, Investment Companies and Private Investors ) and effectively targets potential investors that speed the essential needs & priorities of our clients.

OBV is also working with high net worth individuals who invest a portion of their assets in high-risk, high-return entrepreneurial ventures - most of them are individuals with considerable business experience and a substantial net worth. These informal investors appear to prefer investing in the early start-up stage of the venture.

Without established connections, securing meetings typically takes weeks and sometimes months. Precious time can slip through the fingers of the most tenacious entrepreneur. OBV connection streamlines the process by fostering introductions, facilitating discussions, and promoting connections - all in an organized, comfortable and persoanl setting.

OBV’s personal acquaintance and convenient access to numerous funding sources , International contacts >> knowing their preferred sectors, size of investment and other perameters, enable to target the opportunity to relevant address and avoid futile discussions.

By putting together the above-described components, OBV creates an entrepreneurial environment that allows each of the parties to derive great advantage from its interface.

Entrepreneurs get the experienced help they need.

Investors get ringside opportunities to assess propositions from companies and entrepreneurs.

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